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A Szeged court said it has rejected a motion by prosecutors to continue proceedings against Csaba Czeglédy, a former Democratic Coalition MEP candidate who has been investigated in connection with corruption. A court spokesperson said the prosecution has appealed the court’s decision.
A spokesman for the Csongrád County Chief Prosecutor’s Office told MTI that the prosecution believes Czeglédy’s immunity had only been a temporary obstacle to continuing the proceedings, and the case could continue now that Czeglédy was no longer a candidate. The court decided, however, that since the case against Czeglédy had not been suspended in a ruling, it could be restarted through the proper procedural process.
A hearing had been under way in the Szeged Court of Justice in connection with suspected commercial crimes involving Czeglédy and associates, but in April the court suspended the proceedings because a candidate for membership of the European Parliament enjoys immunity from prosecution. The court asked the National Election Committee to suspend his immunity, but the committee decided to uphold it.