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Marius Gabriel Lazurca, Romania's ambassador to Hungary, has been summoned to the foreign ministry to account for Thursday's events at a Hungarian WW1 memorial cemetery in Valea Uzului (Úzvölgye) but refused to comply, citing conflicting orders.

At the cemetery, the local council has erected a memorial site for Romanian soldiers fallen in the second world war. Ahead of the site’s inauguration late on Thursday, the visitors of that event clashed with Szekler demonstrators and eventually forced their way into the cemetery. State Secretary Levente Magyar called the events an “anti-Hungarian provocation”. The ministry has issued a diplomatic note of protest and summoned the ambassador. Refusing to answer the summons was “below all courtesy and friendship”, Magyar said. “Romania has refused an opportunity for dialogue.”
Hungary still has a vested interest in a correct and good relationship with Romania to ensure the peaceful coexistence of Hungarians and Romanians, Magyar said. The latest events raise questions about Romania’s good faith in upholding those ties, he said. Romanian authorities stood idly by as “the graves were defiled”, and watched as Romanian attackers beat peaceful Hungarian protesters, he said. Hungary expects Romania to thoroughly review this “shameful incident”, he said.