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The Socialist Party and the Momentum Movement are calling on Hungary’s eight newly elected opposition MEPs to form a roundtable and work together in representing domestic and European political values. Speaking to Hungarian reporters in Brussels, Socialist MEP-elect István Ujhelyi said that by working together, Hungary’s opposition MEPs could coordinate their efforts in areas ranging from environmental protection to foreign affairs. “We want to represent Hungary, our homeland, in our Europe,” Ujhelyi said. “One thing is certain: we have to be able to represent the interests of the country and European values together,” he added.
Momentum MEP-elect Katalin Cseh told the same press conference that the opposition had been given a mandate to show Europe that “there is another kind of Hungary; an honest, European and democratic one.” She said the opposition had to “shift to a higher gear” in representing Hungary and Europe’s causes. To do so, she said, “Hungarian MEPs who believe in Europe and the rule of law, and that there’s no future for Hungary outside the European Union”, would have to put aside their political differences and work together.