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An investigation has revealed that the captain of a cruise ship which crashed into a sightseeing boat in Budapest last week deleted data from his mobile phone after the crash, the Budapest prosecutor’s office said. Additionally, official information acquired through the Hungarian member of Eurojust has confirmed press reports that the captain had been a suspect in the Netherlands for causing a crash on April 1, the prosecutor’s office said. The Budapest 6th and 7th district prosecutor’s office will add this supplementary information to an appeal submitted against a court decision that opened up the possibility for the captain to be released on bail.  The Budapest chief prosecutor will set up a group of investigators, including five prosecutors and deputy prosecutors, to analyse and assess the case, the statement added.
The bodies of two women found in the Danube on Wednesday, one near Margit Bridge in Budapest and another downstream near the village of Ercsi, have been identified. The women, both South Korean nationals, were victims of the ship collision of May 29 when the Hableány, a sightseeing boat carrying 33 South Korean nationals and two Hungarian crew, capsized and sank on the Danube near Parliament in Budapest. Seven were saved, 15 are now confirmed dead, while 11 passengers and the two crew members are still being searched for, the police said.
The 19th body linked to the collision was discovered in the river near the Bálna cultural complex, public broadcaster M1’s news programme reported on Thursday evening. Earlier in the day two bodies linked to the collision were recovered. One was found in the river near Rákóczi Bridge and was identified as a South Korean tourist who died in the May 29 collision, the police reported on its website. Another body, found downstream from the city near Érd, is still being identified, and is believed to be one of the victims. A search is under way for another 9 missing.