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The MOL Limo car-sharing fleet has covered about 5 million km since the launch of the service in January last year. More than 45,000 people have registered to use the service. The fleet has grown to 450 vehicles, including 300 petrol and 100 electric Volkswagen up! models and 50 next-generation Mercedes Benz Class A models. MOL Limo plans to expand the area where service is currently available to the borders of the capital by 2020 and to increase the number of electric cars.
From June, MOL Limo has dedicated parking slots at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. The airport’s entry system will automatically let the vehicles in and out, with users charged a 1,990 forint additional airport fee, which will be added to the standard per-minute fee. The per-minute fee for the Volkswagen models is 77 forint, excluding a discount for users who pay a supplemental monthly fee. Users pay 111 forints per minute for the Mercedes models.