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Former Socialist MEP Tibor Szanyi announced that he would launch a new, leftist movement dubbed Holnapelőtt (The Day Before Tomorrow). In an open letter, Szanyi called on “anyone who believes that life on Earth can be saved” to join his movement aimed at “creating a political home for advocates of social solidarity, young people of the radical left”. Szanyi criticised his opposition Socialist Party, which has recently won merely a single seat in the European Parliament, calling it a “degenerating, insider club”. He insisted that the Socialists no longer have political ideas, “they are scraping for the brass farthings here and there”. He added, however, that “if they need me, they will elect me chairman”. Szanyi said the Socialist Party is referred to as a “corrupt gang”, in which “leaders are fighting for an ever diminishing haul trodding on the membership”. The party hardly has any new members, a lot more “walking away”, he said, adding that the Socialists have also lost their former support among leftist intellectuals.