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Hungarian and South Korean divers have recovered the body of one of the victims of last week’s Danube ship collision from the sunken sightseeing boat, counter-terrorism force TEK, which is in charge of the recovery efforts, said.

The body was discovered by Hungarian divers on Monday morning. They marked the body before carrying on with their inspection of the condition of the Hableány’s wreckage. The body was then pulled to the surface by Korean divers. TEK said rescue teams were working round the clock on “achieving a safe solution to this extraordinary situation”.

Another body has been found near the village of Harta, some 100 km downstream from Budapest, the national police headquarters said.

The Hableány, carrying 33 South Koreans and two Hungarian crew, collided with a cruise ship and sank last Wednesday. Seven passengers were rescued, eight have been confirmed dead and 20 are still missing. The wrecks of the sightseeing boat were located near a pillar of Margaret Bridge.

The Ukrainian captain of the Viking Sigyn, a Swiss cruise ship, has been questioned under suspicion of causing the disaster and detained. The captain’s lawyer has said that the suspect had submitted a complaint against the charge and denied any violation of the regulations or of committing a crime.