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Members of civil guard organisations are helping to protect the Hungary-Romania border in the area of Kiszombor and Nagylak from this weekend, carrying out patrols together with police, the Csongrád County Civil Guard Alliance said. Thirteen civil guard organisations will participate in border protection activities until June 15, county chairman István Batiz said on Sunday. The volunteers will work between 6pm and 6am, travelling in police vehicles, he added. The civil guard patrols will be working on the border between Kiszombor, Tiszasziget and Makó, at local border crossings and along the River Maros and any other areas where out-of-the-ordinary events take place or immediate police action is necessary, the statement said. Hungary army staff are also involved in protecting the border from the weekend on. A total of 1,000 soldiers will be working at the Hungary-Serbia border under police supervision for three months.