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Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance took a “towering victory” in the European Parliament election, strengthening their two-thirds mandate, according to a snap analysis by the Nézőpont Institute. By winning 52.33% of the vote, the ruling parties improved on their results in last year’s general election when they won 47.36% and the 2014 EP election in which they won 51.48%, Nézőpont said.

The analysis said Fidesz’s victory was a “historic” one from multiple aspects. The ruling alliance’s vote tally was the highest ever in the history of Hungary’s EP elections, it said. Fidesz’s vote share of 52.33% is the second highest ever cast for its party list, Nézőpont said, adding that this share may still increase once mail votes are counted. Fidesz-KDNP was the strongest political force among all age groups in Sunday’s ballot, the analysis based on a phone poll said. Fidesz won one-third of the votes in the 18-39 age bracket, ahead of the Momentum Movement’s 24% share and the Democratic Coalition’s (DK) 9% share. The think tank attributed the opposition Democratic Coalition’s second place at the national level to the Socialist Party’s “collapse”.

Breaking down the vote by educational background, Nézőpont said Fidesz was the most popular in all groups. DK performed well among the elderly (24.9%) and voters with higher education qualifications (23.7%). Momentum was popular among university graduates (15.7%) and the youngest age group (24.1%). Nationalist Jobbik and the Socialists-Párbeszéd alliance performed better than their overall result among voters with lower education levels (10.3% and 10.4%, respectively).