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Ferenc Gyurcsány, head of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), said his party would not terminate cooperation agreements with other opposition parties signed ahead of Hungary’s municipal elections scheduled for autumn. Gyurcsány said Sunday’s European parliamentary election demonstrated that comprehensive cooperation between parties of the opposition could “free nearly all districts in Budapest and many cities from the grip of (ruling) Fidesz”.

Asked about opposition support for Gergely Karácsony, joint candidate of DK, Momentum, the Socialist and Párbeszéd parties for the post of Budapest mayor, Gyurcsány said he saw “no reason to falter” and withdraw support from him.

Gyurcsány said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had “suffered a defeat” because “he sought to change European politics and failed”. The European Parliament will be dominated by party groups seeking to make Europe a stronger, cooperative alliance, Gyurcsány added. He said the number of seats Orbán’s Fidesz has won “is immaterial”. What matters, he said, is “with whom the parties will be able to form alliances in the European Parliament and how many members these alliances will involve.” Fidesz, he added, will be “among the losers” because “with its current policies it will have no room in the European People’s Party and its deputies will seek to join some nationalist or far-right group, or be independent MEPs”.

Gyurcsány said his party had made a “bold and correct” decision when it made Klára Dobrev top candidate for the election, because she could “attract people who would not have voted for DK earlier”. Concerning a proposal he made back in 2014, aimed at creating a unified Democratic party, Gyurcsány said “we must not use tools with which Orbán managed to unify the right wing”.