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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met Li Zhanshu, who heads the National People's Congress of China, in Budapest.

Orbán said it was a great honour to meet Li and thanked him for visiting in the year the 70th anniversary of the start of Hungarian-Chinese diplomatic relations is being celebrated. Orbán said he had recently been in China and the intensity of ties reflected the close friendship maintained by the two countries. He also said that he had high respect for Chinese companies operating in Budapest for making a significant contribution to Hungary’s economic performance. He added that he also greatly appreciated China’s endeavours in the international area. Orbán said he was a supporter of the Chinese president’s strategic plan to revive the Silk Road and wished him much success.

Li expressed his appreciation for Hungary’s policy of opening to the East and added that Chinese-Hungarian relations had developed rapidly in recent years. Orbán’s visit to China elevated bilateral relations to a new level, he added.