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Frans Timmermans, the European Socialists’ spitzenkandidat in the European Parliament elections, called for a strong, left-wing Europe at a Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) campaign rally in Budapest. Timmermans pledged to tax businesses making a million in profits, set a minimum corporate tax rate and introduce a European Union-wide minimum wage at the rally. He also called for the elimination of the gender wage gap and for stronger union rights. He added that these goals must be achieved in a sustainable manner, and that action must be taken to address the climate crisis. Businesses that cause pollution and are responsible for carbon emissions must be taxed, and the proceeds from these taxes must be used to improve the condition of vulnerable members of society, Timmermans said. He said plans were being drafted to tap the EU’s Structural Funds to boost the proportion of energy-saving homes. Timmermans said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “and his friends Strache, Salvini and Farage are admirers of Putin, whose goal is obviously the weakening and disintegration of Europe”.
Balázs Hidvéghi, the communications director for governing Fidesz, commenting on the arrival of Timmermans in Budapest, said that Hungary’s opposition had put their full weight behind the pro-migration spitzenkandidat in the EP elections. Hidvéghi said Timmermans, whom he called “George Soros’s man”, had once again come personally to Budapest to strengthen his alliance with the pro-migration Hungarian opposition. He said that Timmermans was preparing to legalise economic migration in Europe if he becomes the next European Commission president, adding that it would be the punishment for countries that rejected the introduction of mandatory resettlement of migrants.