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Hungary’s strong economy enables the government to invest in new health-care, education and family-protection measures, Finance Minister Mihály Varga said, announcing the acquisition of new medical equipment for a complex of local surgeries in Budapest’s third district. Efforts must be made to turn demographic trends positive and it is therefore important to carry out developments from available resources in order to serve future generations, he said. The revamp of surgery hubs in the capital has started under the arrangements of a scheme dubbed Healthy Budapest and a total of 32 complexes are being developed and transformed, costing over 50 billion forints (EUR 154m), he said. Developments launched in recent years are improving patient services, he added.
Hungary’s economy is on a healthy path of growth, Varga said, welcoming the launch of family protection measures followed by the “year of families” in 2018. He cited support for young people, a prenatal subsidy scheme, the expansion of home purchase subsidies to resale homes and women raising more than three children being exempted from paying personal income tax.