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Europe is locked in a “civilisational struggle” between those seeking to preserve the continent’s Christian and national principles and those who would rather see it become “post-Christian and post-national”, Hungary’s parliamentary speaker said in Dresden.
Central Europe holds the key to the future of a Europe that seeks to return to its Christian and national roots, László Kövér was quoted as saying by parliament’s press office at a conference organised by the Saxony state parliament. Kövér added that the region could set an example for Western Europe.
He said that although the struggle Europe was going through was “nothing new”, the “intensity of the ideological aggression displayed by those who want to see the end of Europe’s Christian and national era” was a new aspect. The speaker said those on this side of the struggle had deployed “astounding weapons such as, for example, the mass migration wave thrust onto Europe”. Kövér said Europe was “the target of ideological carpet bombing”. “Those who want to put an end to the era of Christianity, nations and nation states in Europe to further their own power goals are inciting and preaching anti-Christianity in the name of value neutrality, anti-national sentiments in the name of multiculturalism, and anti-state views in the name of globalism,” he added.
Kövér said the EU was in need of a turnaround and should return to its Christian and national roots and “right its own internal democratic balance”. “In the 20th century, we, central Europeans believed that what had given us strength in periods of crisis was that Europe was our future,” Kövér said in his address. “But in the 21st century it looks like we find strength in central Europe … being the future of Europe.”