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A senior foreign ministry official charged with developing exports held talks in Kigali on a mission between May 13-15 with a view to boosting Hungarian-Rwandan economic ties. After emerging from the 1990-94 Civil War, Rwanda has become one of Africa’s safest and most rapidly developing countries, deputy state secretary István Joó told MTI by phone.
Rwanda has posted a 9-10% annual GDP growth and has significantly developed its infrastructure over the past 10 years, said Joó, who is heading a delegation of 20 business representatives. Rwanda plays an important role in the Sub-Saharan region’s stability, Joó said, adding that with its strategic location the country can serve as a bridgehead for Hungary.
At the talks, the Rwandan partners expressed interest in business opportunities in agriculture with a focus on seed and soil enriching exports, as well as water management. They also expressed interest in cooperation in security technology, IT services, information and communication technologies, and the production of personal identification documents. Talks also took place with officials of Rwanda’s defence and foreign ministries and leaders of the country’s development council. He said Hungary would soon send to Rwanda an honorary consul tasked with promoting bilateral economic ties.