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Hungarians tend to be even more pro-American than the central European average, a comprehensive survey released by the Nézőpont  Institute shows.
Nézőpont’s survey of 12 central European countries and regions found that on average, 54% of central Europe’s population have a favourable view of the United States, while 40% have a negative opinion of it. Among Hungarians, the US is viewed favourably by 59% and only 22% have an unfavourable view of it. Nézőpont said the pro-American view was “clearly in the majority” among Hungarians, adding that there was no demographic group in which most people had a negative opinion of the US.
According to the survey, Romania tends to be the most committed to the US in central Europe, with 79% of the country’s population holding pro-American views. Poland was next with 66% of its respondents holding a positive opinion of the US, followed by the Czech Republic (62%) and Hungary (59%). Only in Austria, Slovenia and Serbia did the majority of respondents have a negative view of the US.
Nézőpont surveyed a total of 12,000 people between Feb. 1 and 27 across Austria, Bavaria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, eastern Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.