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The Hungarian authorities acted in line with relevant European Union and Hungarian laws when it removed illegal migrants from the country, the Government Information Centre said in a statement.
Hungary initiated the legal expulsion of 17 Afghan illegal migrants to Afghanistan on May 8 as part of the Frontex air-disembarkation operation. Sixteen of them were ejected from Hungary because their asylum requests had been rejected by the relevant court while one had been convicted of people smuggling. Eleven of them made written statements to the effect that they would voluntarily leave Hungary for Serbia, and this took place without any official involvement.
The Hungarian Helsinki Committee rights NGO, which the statement called a “Soros organisation”, turned to the European Court of Human Rights with a view to stopping the expulsion of a five-member family from taking place. The European court ruled in favour and Hungary complied with the court ruling, the statement added.
The statement said it was “astonishing” that while politicians in Brussels preached the importance of repatriating migrants, they then tried to prevent the lawful expulsion of illegal migrants in order to keep even more migrants in Europe.