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Foreign ministry state secretary Levente Magyar has summoned the Swedish ambassador to Hungary over recent critical remarks by the Swedish prime minister about Hungary, the ministry said. Calling the remarks “mendacious”, the state secretary said that “we most resolutely reject the Swedish prime minister’s baseless accusations.” The Swedish government is “pro-migration and the reason they criticise us is because we say no to migration,” he said, adding that this was the basis of all the conflicts.
The “series of attacks” are unacceptable, Magyar said, adding that recently, “Sweden’s pro-migration social minister accused the Hungarian government of Nazism because of its family support scheme”. The prime minister’s remarks form part of this campaign. “It is the Hungarian people rather than the Swedish government that makes decisions on Hungary’s future,” he said, noting that last April, Hungarians had given two-thirds majority support to the Orbán government. “This should be respected even by the Swedish prime minister,” he said.
The Swedish prime minister said in parliament on Wednesday that human rights, the freedom of speech, the principles of rule of law and the freedom of the media and research were under threat in some member countries of the European Union, such as Poland, Romania and Hungary.