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For Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin, Christianity has been “a state-building and nation-sustaining force” for more than a thousand years, László Kövér, Speaker of Parliament, said.
Speaking at an event in Parliament in preparation for the 2020 International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest held together with representatives of the episcopal conferences, Kövér said the thousand-year history of Hungarians showed that the state and the nation always progressed or floundered according to whether the Christian world and thought provoked hope or worry.
Quoting the watchword of the congress, Kövér said: “All my sources derive from you.” “For Hungarians, Christianity is a source, spirituality and historically, from which we all derive,” he added.
The Hungarian state has provided funding worth more than 2.3 million euros from the central budget to support churches in Hungary since 2010, Kövér noted. He added that close to 100 million euros worth of funding had been allocated to support Hungarian Christian communities in the Carpathian Basin.
Since 2016, Hungary has provided a total of 30 million euros to support persecuted Christians in their home countries around the world under the government’s Hungary Helps scheme, Kövér said. The International Eucharistic Congress will be held between September 13 and 20 in 2020.