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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is “writing himself out of Europe” and risking Hungary’s EU membership in the process, Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi told a press conference.  Ujhelyi called Orbán “the greatest weathervane in political history” who leaves his pro-Europe, right-wing, conservative political family to become a leader of a “neo-Fascist, Eurosceptic circle.” Ujhelyi said that Orbán’s illiberal system was incompatible with European values and Hungary’s membership of the bloc. Hungarians, including the voters of the ruling Fidesz party, want to stay in the EU, he said.
Benedek Jávor, an MEP candidate of the Párbeszéd party, said Orbán was about to officially join a “European far-right, populist, Eurosceptic” group. Europe will actually benefit from having all those wanting to dismantle European cooperation “in the same basket”, Jávor said.  This also means that in the future, the government will be unable to stand up for Hungarian’s interests at European forums; one more reason to have as many opposition MEPs in Brussels as possible, he said.