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Hungary’s prime minister called migration a top priority for all European countries in the European parliamentary elections, in a lecture in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), in north-western Romania.

Viktor Orbán said a big issue concerning the future is whether divergent opinions on migration can be narrowed and European unity restored.
He said at the Hungarian Sapientia University of Transylvania that policy thinking on migration was divided between Europe’s concept of “how to live together” and central European ideas about what must be done to ensure that “we do not have to live together”.
Orbán said western Europeans wanted to paper over the differences and “let in a large number of migrants” and thereby restore European unity. “We believe this is a price not worth paying for European unity”, he added.
The prime minister said unfettered migration led to “mixed populations”.
According to “liberal doctrines”, the solution is for everyone to leave behind their traditions, he said. The European left “envisions a post-national and post-Christian period”, so it does not want to stop migration, he said, adding that central Europeans “do not want mixed populations” because there are no good examples of it.