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Giving a lecture at the Hungarian Sapientia University of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár),  the prime minister said that Hungarian youth were offered “a safe, Christian Hungarian life of development”. “We are on the threshold of great times and great opportunities,” Viktor Orbán said.
Hungarians wanted to survive and continue their history dating back over a thousand years in the same place despite the continual challenges the country’s sovereignty has faced. “Hungarians want to strengthen and protect families” and address demographic issues through domestic policymaking.
Meanwhile, Orbán said Hungarians can be found in all corners of the world and it is important to connect these scattered parts of the nation and build a “global nation”. This increases the resources which can then be distributed between all Hungarians around the world, he added. It is also important to counterbalance the pressure of assimilation and be strong enough to preserve Hungarians in areas with mixed ethnicities, he said. The prime minister said Hungarians also pursued sovereignty-based policies, including the country’s NATO membership. “It is good that we are in the EU because we can serve our national targets better this way.” It is also important that public debt should remain in Hungarian hands instead of being indebted to another country, he added. Regarding Hungary’s EU membership, he said: “The EU is not the aim for Hungarians, only a means”. Hungarians do not want to be subordinated to anyone, he added.