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The May 26 European parliamentary elections will be the last that may result in stopping climate change, the top candidate of green opposition LMP told a press conference held jointly with Bas Eickhout, the spitzenkandidat of the European Greens.

Hungary is especially vulnerable to climate change, Gábor Vágó said. Average world temperatures have risen by 1 degree Celsius, he said. In Hungary, the rise was 1.5 degrees. The consequences are showing in rising vegetable prices and this year’s drought, he said.

Regarding the upgrade of Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant in Paks, Vágó said that with a large enough number of opponents in the European Parliament the implementation of the project could be stopped. Large corporations, “the climate criminals” responsible for releasing about two-thirds of greenhouse gases, should also be confronted instead of private citizens bearing the brunt of the burdens of climate change, he said.

Eickhout said he came to Hungary for a second time during the campaign to promote green politics in the country. Several EU member states would do more to combat climate change but the incumbent Hungarian government kept blocking joint action, he said. The Dutch politician called for changes in farming, transport and energy management.