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The European parliamentary elections will be a “day of awakening” for the nations of the European Union, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini told Hungarian public television. During the day, Salvini had talks with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Interior Minister Sándor Pintér. In an interview with current affairs channel M1 broadcast late on Thursday, Salvini said “uncontrolled migration” only brought about “a cheap work force for slaveholders and votes for the left”. Practices in Canada, Australia and the US show that controlled migration is the only possibility, he said.  Europe needs to be able to protect its borders, Salvini said. He insisted that the continent’s Christian roots were already endangered and “Europe will turn into an Islamic caliphate if we do not act”. Since his government started protecting Italy’s maritime borders, illegal landings have fallen by 93% and the number of disappearances and deaths have halved, he said.