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Viktor Orbán and Matteo Salvini, meeting in Budapest, expressed agreement on the importance of strong nation states, preserving Europe's Christian culture and defending Europe's borders.

Orbán told a joint press conference held with the Italian deputy PM and interior minister that they were both convinced that the bedrock of strong Europe was strong and successful nation states. The continent must prioritise a European culture founded on Christian values, and Europe’s borders must be protected against “the invasion of migrants”, he said. Orbán praised Salvini for his efforts curb migration at sea as Hungary had done on land. He said Europeans would be “better off” listening to Italy and Hungary when it came to border protection instead of French President Emmanuel Macron. Orbán called Salvini’s visit an “honour”, saying cooperation between their two countries’ governments was at an all-time high.
The prime minister said he had told the Italian deputy PM that Hungary had spent more than one billion euros on its border protection measures and that Brussels had not reimbursed any of those costs. He also noted a Hungarian proposal for the establishment of a new body of Schengen interior ministers that would be charged with handling migration policy.