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The government is an “enemy” of Hungarian workers and “uses European Union funds for its own ends,” Socialist Party leader Bertalan Tóth told participants of a May Day celebration of his party. The government has “looted EU funds and built a media and business empire that stifles free speech,” he said. Tóth insisted that two-thirds of Hungary’s employees earned a wage below the average and hundreds of thousands of families lived in “worker poverty”.

Párbeszéd co-leader Gergely Karácsony said Hungary’s voters should “make a commitment to rejoin the EU” at the upcoming European Parliament elections because the country is now “getting further and further away [from it]”. The problems Europe face cannot be resolved unless “a Europe that focuses on the people” is created, he said. He warned that “troublemakers like [Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán” could “wreck European unity”.