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The Budapest-Belgrade railway line which will be modernised in Hungarian-Serbian-Chinese cooperation will represent the fastest transport link between south-eastern Europe and the inner continent, the foreign minister said.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative has created an international cooperation project which involves significant infrastructure development, boosts trading and promotes the expansion of financial services, he told public Kossuth radio.
Hungary can profit from its geographical location because China’s Maritime Silk Road ends in Greek ports, he said. This will generate competition to decide who can transport goods towards inner Europe in the shortest time, he added.
Szijjártó said last year Hungary-China trade broke an absolute record, reaching 8.7 billion dollars, and this year food exports are expected to further increase.
In air transport, a new passenger service will be launched between Shanghai and Budapest on June 7, he said. Last year, record-many 256,000 Chinese tourists visited Hungary representing a 14% increase from the previous year and this January the increase was 32%, he added. In air freight transport, a twice-weekly cargo flight was launched between Budapest and Zhengzhou in April, which Szijjártó said could also contribute to boosting trade.