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Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party will submit a data request to the European Commission for information on the anonymous debit cards that have been issued to migrants, MEP Tamás Deutsch said over the weekend. Speaking at a press conference, Deutsch called it “shocking” that the European Commission had issued “significantly more” debit cards to migrants than previously known and that there were multiple types in use. He said the latest reports suggested that migrants outside the territory of the European Union were also being issued such cards.
Fidesz wants to know the exact number of “anonymous migrant card schemes” operated by the European Commission or other EU bodies or institutions as well as the number of cards issued since 2015, Deutsch said. The party also wants to know how many illegal migrants have been given such cards, he added. Fidesz is also curious about the amount of money the EU has transferred to the cards and how much more money it wants to spend on the scheme in the current funding period, the MEP said. Finally, the party also wants to know how many migrants who have received such debit cards had been properly screened and how many of them were denied a debit card or had their card revoked based on the results of those security screenings.
Deutsch said one of the reasons why this issue was crucial was because of recent confirmation that a Syrian terrorist suspect arrested in Budapest last year had also been given a prepaid bank card after arriving in the EU.