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Next month’s European election will be the most important one yet, Fidesz party director Gábor Kubatov said, warning of attempts to reshape Europe’s traditions and Christian foundations. “They’re practically trying to force migrants on us,” Kubatov told public radio Kossuth. He said it was “very hard to accept” that US billionaire George Soros “has more influence in Europe than 6-8-10 European countries”. “If we keep silent, this won’t change,” the party director said. He said that while Soros “demands that Europe open its borders, he surrounds his own home with a 4 metre-high stone fence”. “It’s understandable: he fears for the safety of his family,” Kubatov said. “But he can’t understand that we also fear for the safety of our own families.”
As regards Fidesz’s election campaign, Kubatov said the ruling party will continue collecting signatures in support of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s plan to stop migration so that it could send the strongest possible message to Brussels. He named migration as Europe’s number one issue, saying that it transcended party lines. Europe is changing, Kubatov said. He named deteriorating public safety in western Europe, the rise in violence against women and anti-Semitism, terrorism and the persecution of Christians as challenges faced by the continent.