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Dutch MEP Judith Sargentini “does not know anything about Hungary”, the foreign ministry’s state secretary said in a video published by news portal on Friday. Sargentini “has again attacked Hungary” in a recent video message, Tamás Menczer said, adding that the “pro-migration” MEP’s 2017 report on Hungary was “a compilation of lies”. Citing Sargentini as saying that “the dispute is not about migration” Menczer said: “But it is, we all know that it is about migration.”

In her message, Sargentini said she had been asked to leave the foreign ministry during her visit to Budapest, but “the truth is that we politely asked her to come in,” Menczer said. “After the talks we politely saw her out, and during the talks we were infinitely nice to her,” the state secretary added. “Nothing extraordinary happened; she left through the protocol exit of the ministry,” he said. Concerning Sargentini’s complaint “that journalists asked her questions in the street” Menczer said that “it is strange in light of her concerns about press freedoms in Hungary – or perhaps interviewing her is outside those freedoms”.