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Opposition women lawmakers are submitting a joint amendment proposal to parliament to extend a moratorium on forced evictions from the end of April until the situation of FX loan holders is settled. Independent Bernadett Szél told a press conference that their common aim was to prevent forced evictions based on unfair contracts which have been condemned even by the European court (CJEU). The Hungarian government has now nothing to do but enforce the decision and not allow anyone to be thrown out on the street, she added. Conservative Jobbik MP Andrea Varga-Damm said “[Viktor] Orbán’s government has failed to resolve the issue because they have acquired significant shares in the banks which are now practically making money for Orbán and the government oligarchs.” Representatives of the NGO Adóskamara told the press conference that the moratorium on forced evictions must be extended and the situation of FX loan holders must be resolved in line with the CJEU’s latest ruling. Europe’s top court said in a ruling on March 14 that Hungarian laws should allow the cancellation of FX loan contracts if the contract includes an unfair provision relating to exchange-rate risk.
In 2014, the Hungarian parliament passed several laws designed to amend unfair terms of FX loan contracts on which repayments skyrocketed when the forint plummeted during the 2008 financial crisis.