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While the government advocates an action plan against migration it “settles tens of thousands of economic migrants in the country to replace those that have been forced out of the country through humiliating wages”, Péter Jakab, deputy group leader of opposition Jobbik, told a press conference. Jakab called the government’s policy “insolent and deceitful” and said that the government’s priority was to “retain cheap labour” without regard to “where the emigrants are going or where the guest workers to replace them would come from”.
“This population replacement equals a modern-age genocide,” Jakab said, insisting that 86,000 economic migrants had been granted entry to Hungary in the past 3 years. He warned that “this is just the beginning” and said that many companies were planning to import labour. Jobbik’s ideal of unified wages in Europe is aimed at “a Hungary built on well-paid Hungarian labour rather than on economic migrants”.
In response, ruling Fidesz said in a statement that Jobbik “deliberately conflates temporary guest workers from neighbouring countries, typically from Transcarpathia (Ukraine), with millions of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East flooding Europe”. Jobbik has “become a tool in the hands of Brussels and pro-migration politicians in the hopes of power and money”, the statement said.