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The European Parliament’s fresh approval of a plan to increase funding for “Soros groups” will “enable those organisations to bring more migrants to Europe”, the parliamentary spokesman of ruling Fidesz said. János Halász reacted to the EP’s approval of a programme under which the European Union could directly support NGOs dedicated to preserving democratic values. Under the programme, Halász said, the EU would triple funding in the 2021-2027 financial period for “Soros organisations” to 1.8 billion euros. These NGOs could then spend these funds on “spreading their ideas and guidelines, drafting proposals and giving advice”, he said.
Halász said the groups in question wanted to portray the settlement of migrants as “some kind of a constitutional duty”. Countries that do not want to take in migrants are “openly threatened”, he said, adding that “everything is still proceeding according to the Soros plan”. If the “pro-migration majority” stays in power or becomes stronger after next month’s European Parliament elections, “these plans will all be set in motion” and Europe will permanently become “a continent of immigrants”, Halász said.