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Serbia and Hungary have jointly succeeded in scotching illegal migration across the Balkans, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said during a visit to northern Serbia.

After a Serbia-Hungary government joint session in Subotica (Szabadka), Orbán told a joint press conference held with his Serbian counterpart that Serbian acceptance of the fence Hungary built along the common border had been a “magnificent gesture”. The border fence also benefitted Serbia because “migrants cannot travel on to Hungary and will therefore bypass Serbia”. The “real threat” of migration no longer impinges on the Balkans but emanates from Africa, he said, adding that the Balkan route nevertheless should be watched closely as there was still “a great deal of supply”. Europe’s future would easily be fashioned into its western and central European spheres, depending on the number of Muslim communities in each region. In western Europe, Christian and non-Christian cohabitation has dictated policies for decades while “central Europeans don’t have this problem because we have protected our identity and our ethnic composition”. The problem, he added, was “how we prevent communities to the south and west that we don’t want to see from arriving in Hungary and central Europe.”