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The ruling parties have collected more than half million signatures in support of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s programme announced last week, Fidesz group leader Máté Kocsis said. The signature drive will continue with the help of some 20,000 activists, he told public Kossuth radio.

In line with the programme’s first proposal, the right to manage migration must be taken away from “Brussels bureaucrats” and returned to national governments, he said. Additionally, no country should be forced to take in migrants, no migrants should be allowed to enter Europe without valid documents, the scheme of issuing anonymous pre-paid bank cards to migrants should be stopped and migrant visas should not be granted. Also, organisations linked to US financier George Soros supporting migration should not be granted European Union aid, nobody should suffer discrimination in Europe for claiming to be Christian and the EU should have anti-migration leaders, Kocsis said, listing further proposals in the programme.

The group leader said it was appalling that the current leaders in Brussels were handing out money to uncontrolled masses by way of “migrant cards”. Fidesz believes a significant part of Europe was dissatisfied because people are aware of the serious terrorism risks of uncontrolled migration, he added.

Kocsis reiterated that the European parliamentary elections in May would have unprecedented historic significance. What’s at stake is whether Europe will have pro-migration or anti-migration leaders, he added. “Voters will also have to decide if Europe should continue to belong to Europeans or they give up their place to people from other cultures and civilisations,” Kocsis said.