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A congress of opposition Párbeszéd unanimously approved on Sunday a pact with the opposition Socialists on putting Párbeszéd MEP Benedek Jávor in the fourth spot on their joint list of candidates for the European Parliament elections in May. At a press conference after the congress, Jávor said Párbeszéd’s and the Socialists’ campaign would “leave no stone unturned”. Activists will be everywhere convincing people that the fate of Hungary depends on the degree of support the opposition wins in the elections on May 26, he added. He said governing Fidesz has stopped representing the interests of Hungary in Europe and is only seeking conflict.
Socialists chairman Bertalan Tóth, welcomed the decision of the Párbeszéd congress and noted that the Socialists’ party leadership had decided on Sunday to partner with Párbeszéd in the autumn local council elections, too.