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The opposition Jobbik party called on Fidesz to distance itself from “unacceptable” members of the ruling party and demand that they resign their mandates or expel them from the parliamentary group. Jobbik lawmaker Lajos Kepli said that, ahead of the European parliamentary elections, all parties must weed out “criminal politicians” from their ranks who have “criminally exploited their positions at the expense of others and public funds”.
Kepli named György Simonka, a Fidesz MP whose immunity had been suspended on charges of committing budget fraud as part of a criminal organisation to the tune of 1.4 billion forints (EUR 3.3m). He also referred to Fidesz lawmaker Flórián Farkas, former leader of the National Roma Government, whom he accused of squandering 1.6 billion forints (EUR 5m) of public funding meant for employment projects for disadvantaged Roma.
He said the case of János Pócs — a Fidesz lawmaker seen in video footage locking a Roma employee in a furnace and threatening to light it — sent the message that people can be humiliated and their lives threatened with impunity. He added that, for anyone, this type of behaviour would be inhuman, but it was especially unworthy of a member of parliament. He said if Fidesz refused to distance itself from such members, suspicions would be aroused that “this is the party’s modus operandi, that Fidesz … expects its lawmakers to lord it over their fiefdoms, keeping citizens in fear and existential dependency”.