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A law firm associated with Justice Minister László Trócsányi represents banks in law suits initiated by troubled forex debtors, leaders of the opposition Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance told a press conference on Wednesday, adding that Trócsányi has “sided with banks and capital rather than with forex debtors”.
Trócsányi is “interested in the banks winning those suits”, Socialist deputy chair László Szakács said. He also demanded that the government should stop foreclosures and evictions of forex debtors’ families.
Párbeszéd board member Beáta Hegyesi said that several hundred thousand forex debtors have now lost their homes and called it unethical that the Trócsányi firm has represented three banks in the relevant court procedures.
Hegyesi noted that Párbeszéd had earlier proposed that “business firms should be banned from being named after senior politicians” and that senior officials should be banned from taking a leading position in such companies.