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Benedek Jávor, MEP of opposition Párbeszéd, called on the government to take immediate steps to terminate the Hungary-Russia contract concerning an upgrade of the Paks nuclear plant. Jávor told a press conference that implementation of the project has been “erratic” and argued that “neither the Russian nor the Hungarian party are able to keep implementation deadlines” and the government resorts to “continual legislative machinations” to speed up the process. Referring to a bill before parliament, Jávor said that its passage would cut the deadline for authorities to complete certain procedures, which could make those procedures superficial and impact nuclear safety.
A further problem with the bill, Jávor said, is that the range of authorities to be involved is not clearly defined, which creates uncertainty. He added that there are plans to complete components of the project before its final permit is obtained, and warned that it involves security risks and is against the main contract. Jávor suggested that the government is “trying to conceal that the project will cost more than planned until a later phase when they can convince the public that the project could no longer be dropped”.