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Europe needs to be "changed from the inside" to save it from "committing a slow suicide by giving up Christian culture and supporting young people", Katalin Novák, state secretary at the human resources ministry, told MTI from Italy.

Novák attended the World Congress of Families in Verona, where she noted similar approaches in Hungary and Italy to handle migration or support families. Both countries “believe in strong borders” rather than “supporting migration”, which she said many European leaders believe to be a remedy for demographic problems. Hungary controls its borders on land while Italy protects borders at sea; both countries are interested in keeping Europe safe, she added. Novák noted conference participants’ interest in the Hungarian government’s family support model, with special regard to a subsidy given to families before child birth or exempting mothers with four or more children from the personal income tax.
In his closing address at the conference, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said Hungary has shown that families should be the cornerstone of governments’ policy and economic decisions. Others try to solve Europe’s demographic problems “with twenty-year-olds fresh off the boats”, young people “without roots, identity and culture”, Salvini said.