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Hungary and Cape Verde are linked by their Christian cultures, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in the island country's capital of Praia.

Orbán wrapped up a two-day visit to the country, where he and his delegation met his counterpart, the finance minister and foreign minister. He noted that he and Ulisses Correia e Silva are both deputy leaders of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI). When they met in Budapest, they realised that “the Christian culture we grew up in allows us to have a similar view of the world, despite being thousands of kilometres apart”. He said it was rare nowadays for a country to openly identify as Christian. “This is banned in Europe,” he said, adding that “we can’t talk about questions of identity there; it’s a different world.” During Orbán’s visit, Hungary and Cape Verde signed an economic cooperation agreement as well as one on education. Under the economic cooperation pact, the two countries will set up a mixed economic committee, he said. Hungary will offer 35 million euros of tied aid to Cape Verde with a view to developing its agriculture and water management. It will also disburse 15 million euros in private credit to help set up joint ventures between the two countries, Orbán said.