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Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó noted that last week he signed an agreement with the CEO of Gazprom ensuring that the company will supply Hungary with gas next year regardless of whether or not Russia and Ukraine sign a new transit deal, adding, at the same time, that Hungary also had to get started on negotiations on its 2021 gas supply. “We’re being serious when we say that in order to improve Hungary’s energy security, we need to be able to import the gas Hungary needs from multiple sources,” he said. “Looking around our region, we see that importing gas from Azerbaijan could be one of the most viable scenarios in terms of gas supply sources.”
He pointed out that Azerbaijan exports an annual 16 billion cubic metres of gas to Turkey and southeastern Europe. The minister also noted the discovery of three new gas fields in Azerbaijan which hold more than 500 billion cubic metres of reserves. And the Caucasian country has begun making preparations to increase the transport capacity of its southeast European pipeline from 16 billion cubic metres a year to 31 billion, he said.