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Politicians, scientists and the general public share responsibility for climate protection, President János Áder said after meeting the United Nations Secretary-General in New York on Thursday under the arrangements of a climate change summit at the UN General Assembly. António Guterres called climate change “the greatest challenge of our times”, posing an immediate and direct threat to humanity, Áder told the press. Guterres asked participants during his address to prepare plans and programmes instead of speeches for the next climate meeting, he said, adding that the Hungarian delegation would not arrive empty-handed for a UN summit in September. He added that he would present to the General Assembly decisions and measures that have a beneficial influence on the climate. Guterres called Hungary’s actions for climate protection “exemplary” and noted that Budapest would be hosting a Water Summit this year for the third time, Áder said. A solution to climate change must be found within the next 15-20 years because the Earth will become uninhabitable if no action is taken, Áder said. The solution will much depend on the attitudes of the two largest polluters, the US and China, but everyone bears responsibility, he added. People should try to save water and not waste energy in everyday life, he said.