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András Heisler, head of the federation of Hungarian Jewish communities (Mazsihisz), has welcomed last week’s opening of Hungary’s foreign trade mission in Jerusalem. In a letter to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Heisler said that he was “proud to learn that the Hungarian government opened [the mission] … in Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, a cradle of Judeo-Christian culture.” He expressed appreciation to Orbán for the “brave step”, Orbán’s press chief said. Heisler noted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visiting the Budapest Great Synagogue in July 2017, had noted the Hungarian Jewish community’s “hope” that Jerusalem would be recognised as a capital city. The diplomatic measure “inspires hope” as well as sending a “strong signal” to countries to follow suit, he added. The mission was opened by Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó and the Israeli prime minister on March 19.