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The upcoming European parliamentary election will pose an opportunity for opposition parties to “stop and suppress [ruling] Fidesz”, opposition Párbeszéd MEP Benedek Jávor said, adding that Fidesz was a “cornered and marginalised” party in Europe. He insisted that the opposition parties should aim for the best possible results to prevent Fidesz from “further destroying and undermining the EU”.

According to Jávor, Fidesz “has been completely marginalised; its European People’s Party membership has been suspended and [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán’s plan to take over the EPP or derail it towards the far right has miscarried”. “Fidesz has in fact become a pariah in its own party group and has lost any potential to impact European decision making,” he said.

Concerning the new European Parliament, Jávor said that it would need to build a community which can “find its place in the global race, reduce the gaps between members, and effectively monitor the utilisation of EU funds so that they don’t go to corrupt oligarchs”.