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House Speaker László Kövér held talks with leaders of Switzerland’s federal legislature, the Federal Assembly, on Wednesday, parliament’s press chief said. During Kövér’s visit, a Hungarian-Swiss friendship group was set up within the Swiss parliament, Zoltán Szilágyi said. It was formed by 31 representatives of the bicameral legislature, which is composed of the 200-seat National Council and the 46-seat Council of States. The head of the group, Andreas Glarner of the Swiss People’s Party, said at the founding session that the group would work closely together with the German-Swiss-Liechtenstein friendship group of Hungary’s parliament and promote regular consultations between Swiss and Hungarian parliamentary committees. Kövér held talks with Maria Garobbi Guscetti, head of the National Council, Jean-Rene Fournier, head of the Council of States, and Roberto Balzaretti, deputy head of the foreign ministry.

The negotiating parties were in agreement that Hungarian-Swiss relations were balanced and excellent and said that cooperation would be further strengthened based on mutual respect. Switzerland’s democratic system sets a high standard to Europe including Hungary, for which Hungarians have high respect for the Swiss people, Kövér said.  “Next to a common European past and concerns for the future, and beyond excellent economic relations, our countries are linked by their dedication to preserve independence and national sovereignty,” he added.