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Former conservative opposition Jobbik lawmaker Enikő Hegedűs said that she had returned her mandate to parliament after quitting the party and its parliamentary group in late February. Hegedűs told MTI that she did not want to sit in parliament as an independent because she did not want to share the same platform as those “pursuing pseudo activities or playing a destructive role” in parliament. Hegedűs said that by announcing her departure on March 21, the centenary of the Hungarian Republic of Soviets, she wanted to make it clear that she found “the revival of the spirit of red terror” and the heritage of Hungary’s post-1956 communist leaders “unacceptable”. Before her departure from Jobbik, Hegedűs was deputy leader of the party. Explaining her decision in late February, she said that “any form of solidarity with post-communists completely goes against my upbringing and my personal beliefs.”