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Asked about EPP group leader Manfred Weber’s recent proposal to set up an independent body to monitor member states’ adherence to the rule of law, Gulyás said Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party had been borne out of the fight for freedom and the rule of law against a dictatorship. “So we consider the fundamental values of the democratic rule of law to be important,” he said. The PM’s Office chief added, however, the observance of the rule of law in the EU was not monitored on the basis of objective assessment but was tied to political muckraking. “That’s why the rule of law is deteriorating in countries governed by anti-migration political forces but is in the best possible shape in countries governed by the pro-migration ones,” he said. The Hungarian government “has often spoken out against this double standard”, Gulyás noted, saying that there was “nothing wrong” with Hungary’s rule of law institutions.