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Hungary and Poland are meeting challenges of the 21st century together, House Speaker László Kövér said in an interview to Polish public radio.
Kövér insisted that the governments of the two countries have realised that those challenges could only be met by joint action, with special regard to migration. The migration crisis, he said, is not “an isolated accident” but “an obvious consequence of the European Union’s distorted functioning”.
According to Kövér, the EU “seeks to interfere with domestic affairs of (its) sovereign members” trying “more and more aggressively” to make them accept “a vision for Europe invented in Brussels and in the capitals of some old member states”.
Answering a question about the upcoming EP elections, Kövér said he trusted that the vote would bring about a change, but added that a transformation was also possible in which “traditional party groups may disappear and give way to a new structure”.The European “front line” is no longer between the traditional Right and Left, Kövér said but between forces promoting “cooperation between sovereign nation states” and “globalists who want to do away with sovereignty”, Kövér said. He also added that “old” members of the EU, “doomed to a demographic death” are trying to “lure away skilled young labour from central Europe”.