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Hungary’s Fidesz party has been “attacked by pro-migration forces” within the European People’s Party, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public Kossuth Radio.

In his interview, he insisted that those forces seek to “turn the whole EPP into an international pro-migration organisation” while “Hungarians want to thwart that”. “No compromise is possible when it comes to migration and protecting Christian culture,” Orbán said. “Christian culture is an asset… we don’t want to become a mixed country, we want no migration, we want to preserve our security and through our family policy we will be able to ensure Hungary’s biological future without migrants,” he said.

“Some” parties within the EPP wish to “build a Europe with a mixed population and bring in migrants” whereas others including Fidesz “want to preserve Christian culture and protect borders”. Hungary was the first to prove that migration can be stopped, and that is why “we are now in the focus of debates,” he went on to say. “We have several options; Fidesz will decide whether they are within the EPP or outside,” Orbán said, adding that he has recently had talks with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EPP group leader Manfred Weber.